Let’s Be Candid About Board Succession Planning

Posted by Katie Ensign, Deirdre Garton and Megan Bell on May 13, 2019

The Wilson Foundation embarked on strategic planning to revisit their giving priorities, but they quickly realized their impact goals would be successful only if they had the proper governance structure. In this blog, they share the rewards and challenges of their board succession planning process.

Family Funders - Always Important in Rural Communities

Posted by Allen Smart on May 10, 2019

Family philanthropy has been present in rural America long before there was even the thought of a field of philanthropy. With a robustly developed body of work that is rural-specific and not just urban downsized, family funders have the opportunity to support the kind of long-term systems change necessary for rural communities to spark and sustain.

NCFP President Search is Underway

The search for NCFP’s next President & CEO has begun! This is an exceptional opportunity to lead the only national nonprofit devoted exclusively to the needs of giving families and those who work with them. The new President & Chief Executive Officer will be only the second in NCFP’s history.

Why Study Integrated Philanthropy in Complex Multi-Generational Families?

In a follow-­up to Generations of Giving, NCFP is now co-­sponsoring a research project with LGA to explore how complex, multigenerational business families are using a variety of vehicles beyond their family foundations to pursue philanthropic goals—including their personal philanthropy, donor-­advised funds and more.

MDC Launches Passing Gear Philanthropy Institute to Reshape Southern Philanthropy

Posted by MDC on May 3, 2019

Family foundations have long been a philanthropic mainstay on the Southern landscape, making pathbreaking investments to advance a region that lags the nation in the overall level of foundation assets. Today, the South needs more and different philanthropy to close the gaps and open the possibilities of our region and its people.

May 2019: News and Notes from NCFP's Friends of the Family Network

Posted by National Center for Family Philanthropy on April 30, 2019

Friends Focus highlights updates from members of our Friends of the Family network and their cutting edge work. This month features updates from the Bainum Family Foundation; John and Wauna Harman Foundation; Pew Charitable Trusts; Ruth Mott Foundation and others.

My Family Stories: Thickening a Thin Narrative

Posted by Sara Southwood on April 25, 2019

Our family stories help us get to know ourselves by understanding those who came before us, as well as help cultivate empathy for our own family. Understanding your own story and "thickening a thin narrative" will help inform how your family can move forward in your giving.

Arriving at 100 Percent for Mission. Now What?

Posted by Clara Miller on April 16, 2019

Our mission at the Heron Foundation is to help people and communities help themselves out of poverty. Back in 2012, we... decided to invest 100 percent of our endowment towards fulfilling our mission, by fiscal year end 2017… We achieved that goal on December 21, 2016. Now, shouldn’t we be relaxing a bit? Well, of course not.

Our Favorite Foundation Board Meeting Traditions

Posted by Prentice Zinn on April 10, 2019

Familiar opening and closing traditions can foster better board meetings. Traditions are an important ingredient of a healthy organizational culture. Our favorite foundation meetings balance the often hurried and transactional work of governance with small traditions at each board meeting. Traditions promote a sense of identity and connection.

Measuring Nonprofit Outcomes and Progress: What Data Should You Collect?

Posted by Bernadette Wright on April 8, 2019

How do you decide what data to collect to track your outcomes and progress? Bernadette Wright gives practical tips for nonprofits to collect data that will measure their outcomes—advice that is completely applicable to giving families measuring their philanthropic impact.

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