The Springs Close Foundation is among the largest family foundations in South Carolina, and one of the oldest in the South. Assets at the end of 2009 were approximately $38 million, and over the past seven decades the foundation has invested nearly $100 million in the state – primarily in a rural three-county region known as the “Olde English District” or “central uplands.” The family’s history in the region goes back to the late 1700s, and the family’s interests, both business and charitable, have been a major force in the region for more than a century. The foundation’s impact on the quality of life in the area is readily observable and has touched the lives of most residents. The family and foundation have been lead investors in a comprehensive regional hospital, a local branch of the state university, and numerous open-space “greenways,” including the Anne Springs Close Greenway in Ft. Mill, a 2,300-acre scenic area with hiking and biking trails, lakes, ponds, creeks, farmland, bridges and old buildings. Beyond such highly visible projects, the foundation has supported a host of services and opportunities to make a difference in the lives of residents.

The Springs Close Foundation is based in Fort Mill, South Carolina. The Foundation distributed $2.55 million in grants during 2008.