So you’re cooped up in the house for the day. You may be tempted to hand over the internet-enabled devices to keep your kids out of your hair for a few hours. You could do that, or you could check out this guide for simple activities to help your kids practice generosity.


  • Some kids have endless energy. Why not put it to good use by shoveling snow for the elderly in your neighborhood? Or, decide on a cause or charity and start shoveling for donations. (Discuss: How did it feel to do so much hard work just to benefit someone else?)



  • Sometimes snow days are called on super short notice, so you may not have supplies handy. Watching a movie can be easy and relaxing. Lots of movies have messages of kindness or generosity. Check out titles like, "The Lorax," "The Ultimate Gift," and "He Named Me Malala." (Discuss: What did the protagonist learn in this movie?)


  • If you really want to take a deep dive with your kids, try out 21/64’s Motivational Values exercise. This activity is all about figuring out what matters and can lead to some great discussion! Head over to Generations Together Module 1: Unit 4 for more information about the activity and how to use it.  (Discuss: Which values matter the most to you when you are making decisions?)