March 1, 2016 – WASHINGTON, D.C. – As more families look to get their children involved in philanthropy at a younger age, the National Center for Family Philanthropy (NCFP) is offering a new resource that will help the next generation learn how to carry their families’ legacies forward.

Generations Together – which launches today and is sponsored by U.S. Trust – is an online resource that helps young adults, teens and children explore family traditions and goals, learn about giving, and understand how philanthropy works. “Through our work advising families, we are consistently confronted by parents with the same question: How do we make sure we’re raising charitable, socially responsible children?” said Ginny Esposito, NCFP’s President and Founder.

“Generations Together helps them answer this vital question. This excellent new resource takes the lessons we’ve learned during the past two decades and presents them in an engaging and fun format that will help families extend their philanthropy into a new generation.”

Generations Together comes at an important time for many families. More than two out of five family foundations expect to add or increase the number of younger-generation family members on their boards during the next four years, according to NCFP’s recent Trends in Family Philanthropy Survey.

Meanwhile, many family foundations also report trepidation about how to properly engage that next generation in their operations. Generations Together helps overcome these fears through a series of modules that walk young people through the process of learning about their family’s history, understanding their values and traditions, and developing the skills and talents they need to become effective philanthropists.

“Every day at U.S. Trust we help generous families fulfill their charitable missions and pass on their legacy of giving to their children and grandchildren. We are pleased to support this new program, which will serve as a helpful tool to engage and empower the next generation of givers,” said Claire Costello, NCFP Vice Chairman and U.S. Trust’s National Philanthropic Practice Executive.

About U.S. Trust Philanthropic Solutions

At U.S. Trust, we recognize that philanthropy is about more than giving money — it is about fulfilling goals of great personal importance. Our dedicated Phil- anthropic Solutions group has helped generations of families pursue their unique charitable goals through their private foundations, donor-advised funds or other charitable vehicles. With strategic planning, grantmaking, fiduciary and adminis- trative services, as well as customized and mission-driven asset management, our philanthropic support and guidance lets you focus on the more meaningful and joyful aspects of giving.

About the National Center for Family Philanthropy

The National Center for Family Philanthropy is the only national nonprofit dedi- cated exclusively to families who give and those who work for them. NCFP pro- vides resources, expertise and support to families that are looking to transform their values into effective giving that makes a lasting impact in the communities they serve.

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