A message from the desk of Kelly Nowlin, Surdna Foundation - Board Member

My 18 years in philanthropy has taught me that it is imperative to embrace a mindset and practice of learning.

As a fifth-generation board member of my family’s foundation, I have been given the privilege to connect to my great, great grandfather’s legacy; to learn about our program areas; and to continue to find ways to be as effective in my role as I can be.

This fall’s National Forum for Family Philanthropy is one of those key opportunities to deepen our learning of best practices, innovative approaches, trends and lessons learned. And, unlike other large philanthropic gatherings, NCFP’s Forum is strictly about family.

It provides the chance to speak candidly about the issues that are specific to family giving — and it puts us in touch with others who, like me, are working to carry out the legacy of my predecessors.

It’s a powerful experience — and I carry the conversations and insights I gathered at the most recent Forum into my work almost every day.

If, like me, you are looking for new perspectives and renewed energy for your work, I encourage you to join us October 18-20 in Washington, D.C.

And if you’re a paid professional who serves in a leadership role for a family foundation, I urge you to not only attend the Forum yourself, but to also invite along members of your board so they can have the chance to experience the powerful connections that come from meeting with other giving families from across the United States.

Join us and let’s learn together!

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