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Community Foundations: Your First Stop When Shopping for a New Donor-Advised Fund?

Posted by Mark Neithercut and Kylie Musolf on September 15, 2016

Once a donor has decided that a DAF is the right giving vehicle, she has to make a very important decision: where is she going to house her fund? Mark Neithercut, a donor and philanthropic advisor with offices in Traverse City and Chicago, shares four reasons why he chose to house his DAF in his local community foundation.

What are some common mistakes in foundation planning?

Posted by Mark Neithercut on April 15, 2012

My parents are in the process of establishing a family foundation, and we are wondering  if you have a list of common mistakes that other donors have made in planning for a family foundation? A foundation is a business enterprise and, like any good business enterprise, a little bit of planning goes a...

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