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How do we work with our local community foundation to train young philanthropists?

Our family foundation would like to work with the local community foundation to set up a program that will help train younger philanthropists – both those in our family as well as other youth in the community. Do you have suggestions for models that others have used? Indeed we do!...

How can family foundations and community foundations work most effectively together?

Posted on September 15, 2017

NCFP's webinar, Community Leadership: Families and Community Foundations Working Together, included a lengthy Q and A session with panelists on a variety of topics. In this month’s edition of “Ask the Center,” we’re pleased to share some of the highlights of their answers. For more information on this...

Going on Your First Site Visit? 3 Tools for Success

Posted by Kylie Musolf on May 15, 2017

Nothing beats getting to know your partners and their work up close, and having the opportunity to work together in the community.

Does NCFP have any resources to help my board chair prepare their successor?

Posted by National Center for Family Philanthropy on April 7, 2017

NCFP is happy to support this transition and we recommend the following resources to help you get started

How Do You Create A Family Foundation?

Posted by National Center for Family Philanthropy on December 27, 2016

A former employer of mine has reached out and asked me to help him set up a new family foundation. Prior to now he has been giving around the kitchen table and now he would like to engage his family in a more formal way by possibly creating a family foundation. Can NCFP help us with this journey we are about to begin?

Update: Does NCFP have any recommendations for grants management software? Are there any that specifically help family foundations?

Posted by Rachel Ogorek and Kylie Musolf on October 26, 2016

There are so many grant management software options to choose from, so we compiled a list. We reached out to each of these companies and they sent us a brief description of the technology they offer to their clients.

Do you have suggestions for web-based tools we can use to help manage our board meetings and communicate with board members?

Posted by Rachel Ogorek on September 28, 2016

This is a great question! By nature, board meetings require a lot of time and preparation. It can be challenging to ensure all board members have the correct information at the correct time. Thankfully, over the years, different platforms have emerged to help your board be better prepared and engaged.

Do you have any ideas for a brief fun activity to begin a workshop?

Posted by Kylie Musolf on September 8, 2016

I’m glad you reached out to ask about family activities. Some people hate icebreakers, but I am so not one of them!

Is there a database for donors to find great grants/nonprofits to fund?

Posted by National Center for Family Philanthropy on August 4, 2016

Every year, our family foundation considers new causes and grantees to support. Since the foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals, the foundation staff would like to know if there is a database or another resource that captures great grantseeker requests for funding. To our knowledge there...

Should our foundation communicate externally that we are going to spend out?

Our foundation has made the decision to spend out in roughly 20 years. We have been transparent about this decision with current staff. Are there critical reasons not to communicate this externally at this point?  "I believe it is to your foundation’s benefit to be clear that you intend to spend out...

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