Module 1

Getting to know our family

Family history

It’s tempting for people new to philanthropy to jump into learning about issues they care deeply about. Or about a nonprofit getting great results. But the place to start in family philanthropy is clear: your family.

Your family is the reason your giving program exists—it’s the force that said “let’s come together and do something that is larger than ourselves.” It’s what makes your experience unique and powerful.

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In this module, you’ll not only reinforce what you know about your family members, but you’re guaranteed to discover something new. Along the way, you might discover something about yourself and learn some ideas for using the best that each family member brings to the table.

Through this module, you'll ground yourself in these vital topics:

Unit 1 Family history Sharing your family’s history is an important first step to engaging a new generation in your family's philanthropy, providing a window into the rich heritage of your forbearers. It helps young people feel more connected with the generations preceding them and gain a greater appreciation of their place within this evolving story. Explore 5 Activities To Explore Unit 2 Family tree Creating a family tree is a dynamic way to capture your family’s structure and history. It’s a visual representation of generations rooted to a shared legacy. Explore 4 Activities To Explore Unit 3 Wealth creation What is the spirit and inspiration behind your family's philanthropy? Understanding the source of philanthropic resources is a fundamental component for appreciating family history and leadership. Explore 7 Activities To Explore Unit 4 Values Personal and shared values guide most giving decisions. The most effective giving families have worked to identify their shared values and use these to shape their philanthropy. Explore 6 Activities To Explore Unit 5 Culture and traditions Every family has its own unique culture and traditions, especially as they relate to giving. Creating the space for youth to discover the importance of valuing cultures and traditions will aid in the successful integration of the next generation to your family’s philanthropic work. Explore 8 Activities To Explore Unit 6 Skills and talents Every family member brings unique skills, experiences and perspectives that can be used to strengthen the giving program. What’s surprising is how often these go unused or unknown. Learn how to identify and leverage the talents of everyone involved in your family's philanthropy. Explore 6 Activities To Explore