Community foundations

Community foundations play vital roles in cities and towns across the country — they serve as hubs for donor engagement, capital and learning. As dedicated partners in the philanthropic sector, our goal is to help you more effectively serve the donors and families in your region by providing objective research, trusted expertise, specialized content and unique networking opportunities. Together, we act as a catalyst for the greater good by helping thousands of giving families each year.

Get started

NCFP is here to provide you with the resources and knowledge you need to effectively engage your donor families. Our staff can help you:

  • Learn about the issues that are unique to families, including family dynamics, engaging the next generation and multi-generational approaches, geographic dispersion, managing conflict and more
  • Access resources to share with your donor families, enhancing your capacity as a trusted partner in giving
  • Build your staff skills for attracting and supporting familiy philanthropy through your foundation
  • Learn about models of family foundations and community foundations working together in innovative ways


Access 2000+ resources

NCFP's Family Philanthropy Knowledge Center is the world's largest repository of resources on family philanthropy. The Knowledge Center is a searchable, comprehensive and continually updated collection of more than 2,000 articles, case studies, profiles, presentations, reports, sample policies and discussion papers related to family philanthropy—and it's ready for you to download and use.


Make connections

Community foundations in our network receive invitations to special gatherings and webinars to connect with peers in other foundations who share your interest in promoting and supporting effective family philanthropy. Our events offer a forum for discussions on what works—and what doesn't—while providing you with the tools and connections you need to understand and advise your family donors.


Learn from your peers

Join our monthly Family Philanthropy Webinar Series for instant access to presentations by leading family foundations, donors, family giving experts and thought leaders on topics related to family dynamics, governance, grantmaking, new trends in family philanthropy and much more. As a member of our network, you receive complimentary registrations to 12 exclusive Webinars each year as well as access to our library of over 100 past Webinars.


Extend your network

Join the NCFP Community Foundation Peer Network and share stories with others who have similar interests—you're in the right place to find answers to these and other pressing questions:

  • What are the best ways to connect with current or potential donors?
  • What are other community foundations doing to build capacity?
  • Why are some families not accessing our services?
  • What factors might inhibit growth at our community foundation?


Enhance your events

Members of our Community Foundation Peer Network are eligible to have NCFP President Virginia Esposito make a presentation at an event or series of events in their community. Many community foundations also host informal gatherings of donors and advisors in tandem with our monthly Family Philanthropy Webinar series. Your membership provides you with ideas for topics and new speakers for your audience.


Your peers say:

As we expanded our services to donor families, the National Center's materials, resources, and advice have been very helpful to our success. We are able to do our jobs better with their support.

Alicia Philipp, President, Community Foundation For Greater Atlanta