Donors and giving families

Donors and giving families are at the heart of our work. Our experience with and understanding of the very personal act of giving is reflected in the advice and services we provide. We offer a safe, confidential and objective place for you to begin your philanthropic journey. We're here to help you think through your options, ask the right questions and connect with others who have been through the same process.

To get started, take a look at what we have to offer. You can also contact our expert staff with questions or become a Friend of the Family today to access our resources.

Get started

NCFP is here to provide you with the resources, expertise and networking opportunities necessary to inspire you every step of the way. Our staff can help you:

  • Choose the philanthropic vehicle that's right for you
  • Engage your children, grandchildren and other branches of the family in your philanthropy
  • Determine which initiatives you wish to support—and how you wish to support them
  • Connect with other donors and families who have struggled with similar questions; and
  • Get the unbiased advice and broader context you need to succeed.


Access 2000+ resources

NCFP's Family Philanthropy Knowledge Center is the world's largest repository of resources on family philanthropy. The Knowledge Center is a searchable, comprehensive and continually updated collection of more than 2,000 articles, case studies, profiles, videos, podcasts, presentations, reports, sample policies and discussion papers related to family philanthropy—and it's ready for you to download and use.


Make connections

Families in our network receive invitations to special gatherings and webinars to connect with peers who also practice strategic and meaningful family philanthropy. Our events offer a forum for discussions on what works—and what doesn't—while providing you with tools and connections to realize your philanthropic vision. In addition to our monthly Family Philanthropy Webinar series, featured events include the Trustee Education Institute and the National Forum on Family Philanthropy.


Learn from your peers

Join today for instant access to our monthly Family Philanthropy Webinar Series, a deep catalogue of presentations by leading family foundations, family giving experts and thought leaders on topics related to family dynamics, governance, grantmaking, new trends in family philanthropy and much more. As a Friend of the Family, you receive complimentary registrations to 12 new exclusive Webinars each year as well as access to our library of over 100 past Webinars.


Develop your mission

When you decide to form a family foundation or set up a family fund, you are embarking on one of the most exciting adventures in philanthropy. To quote one family foundation trustee: "It is a time of enormous hope and possibility." The organization is ready for the founder or founders to shape it according to their ideals and passions—everything is possible. At the same time, you should periodically review your mission to ensure it remains aligned with the philanthropy's activities and aims.


Joy: your projected ROI

Many family foundations or funds base their initial grantmaking on the varied interests of their trustees, which can result in a scattershot portfolio with limited social impact; however, a family foundation risks alienating family members if the trustees do not support these interests. Through strategic grantmaking, your family can build cohesion by exchanging ideas and experiencing the joy of watching your shared efforts make a difference in the community.


Raise charitable children

One of the greatest triumphs in family philanthropy is witnessing the vision and leadership of a new generation as they take the reigns of a cherished family legacy. Families who have the most success engaging new philanthropists are those that prepare family members for philanthropy in general, not for a specific role within it. Not all family members will want to serve as board members, but they can always find a charitable role that suits them. Equip your next generation with the values and skills for effective philanthropy, and then let them find their way.


Your peers say:

The National Center for Family Philanthropy consistently and brilliantly presents the very best education to family foundation and donor advisor funders. Though I actively participate in educational opportunities with many organizations in the philanthropic center, it is those offered by NCFP that drill deeper into issues, savor the nuances of family grantmaking and produce products that motivate and inspire in an all-embracing understanding of families and the dynamics that challenge them. I wouldn't be without the Center and their talented staff.

Shirley Fredricks, board member, Lawrence Welk Family Foundation