Grantmaking Strategy and Evaluation

Grantmaking is the central, most rewarding activity of a family foundation or donor advised fund and the reason for its existence. It is your family’s opportunity to make a difference in areas that matter most to you. As grantmakers, you move beyond just talking about societal problems to looking for ways to help solve them. Your task is to figure out how to turn your family’s concerns into a cohesive philanthropic vision and, from there, into grants that have impact.

But grants are not the only tool in your philanthropic toolbox. Remember that, despite the central role of grants for much philanthropy, you should not overlook the variety of other options that philanthropic institutions have for achieving change. Impact investments, community investments, and shareholder advocacy can make a positive difference. You can advocate, volunteer, provide in-kind donations and technical assistance, serve as a community convener and more. Grants are not all you have to give.

Learn more about how today's giving families are developing creative and impactful grantmaking strategies through the resources below.

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