Maureen M. Esposito

Maureen M. Esposito

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What do you do at NCFP?

My job is to ensure that our annual funders, our Friends of the Family are connected to and engaged with everything that the National Center does. I manage the day to day needs and requests of our Friends of the Family. In addition, I manage the logistics for many of the programs that we offer.

What are your favorites?

Outer Banks, North Carolina
Family Tradition
Family Tradition:
Going to see the National Christmas Tree with my family during the holidays
Cancer research
Bruce, 80’s rock, country
Relaxing with family and friends. Watching my children play sports.
Harry Potter series, start to finish

What is the biggest trend in the field of family philanthropy?

Many of the questions I see people asking about are related to how to incorporate the next generation in to the foundation and how to handle succession issues.

What did you do before NCFP?

Previously, I worked at the Council on Foundations for several years as a program coordinator for corporate donors and regional association services, and assisted with the Annual Conference. I also managed the publication of The Corporate Contributions Handbook by James P. Shannon. I have a degree in business administration from Marymount University.

What do you like most about your job?

I love getting to know our Friends of the Family. I believe that these foundations represent some of the very best family donors that there are. Their drive and commitment is exciting to see.